Skull Ring Features For Your Consideration

It was not that long ago that a skull ring signified outsider status or signaled that the wearer was someone to respect. Now, skull rings are much easier to find and are available in a multitude of designs. That has not shrunk the appeal of a skull ring, however, which still contrasts with most other rings and definitely sets the wearer apart. The increase in skull designs means that you have more options now and can do a bit of mixing and matching when considering the features of the skull.

Smooth or Scarred, Shiny or Old?

You will find skull rings that have smooth surfaces, pockmarked surfaces, and everything in between. Smooth skulls are perfect for shiny sterling silver; be sure to keep silver cleaning cloths handy so that you are able to maintain that skull ring's shine. The more scarred and pockmarked the skull (obviously these are part of the design and not actual damage), the better it will look with an oxidized surface. The oxidation (often called antique) both looks older and hides the dirt that can gather in the crevices of the design over time.

And that is something to keep in mind: the less smooth the skull, the more opportunity for dirt to drift into the lines in the design. In a shiny silver environment, that dirt will stand out more. You can get smooth oxidized skulls and shiny scarred skulls, but for ease of care, the more grody you want the skull design to be, the more oxidation you may want.

One Jaw or Two?

Many skull rings feature a full grin with both jaws in place. However, you are able to also get some skull rings where the lower jaw is missing, making the skull look like part of an old, broken skeleton that was abandoned and left to gather dust. Both types of skulls have different effects on people with the missing-jaw version often conveying coldness and darkness. The grin on the two-jaw skull may actually look meaner and scarier as it appears to be smiling too widely as if ulterior motives were about to be revealed.

The cost of the skull ring will differ with some very affordable for even those on limited budgets, and others commanding a high price. Sterling silver skull ring quality plays a large role in that the purer the silver, the more valuable the ring can be.