Make These Choices When You Shop For A Hamsa Pendant

If you enjoy the look of wearing a pendant on a necklace chain, and you also like the idea of having a pendant that carries a special meaning, your local jewelry store has several pieces that may appeal to you. One popular choice is a hamsa pendant, which you've probably seen in the past even if you aren't aware of it by name. Hamsa pendants feature a hand that commonly has an eye in the palm. Many people wear these pendants because they feel it provides luck and protection. Find a fine jewelry store that has several hamsa pendants for sale, and then make these choices.

Level Of Detail

One thing you'll notice when you browse hamsa pendants for sale is that the level of detail can vary a lot between pieces. Some hamsa pendants have a plain look, while others are highly intricate. For example, in the latter style, each of the fingers of the hand may be carved with elaborate designs. Both styles can work well, so you'll need to consider your personal tastes. If you want a simple pendant that you'll wear under your clothing, a plain design might suffice. Or, if you want something more stylish that you'll wear over your clothing, you might favor a hamsa pendant with more details.

Eye Color

You'll notice that the color of the eye in hamsa pendants varies from piece to piece. You can buy a piece that has any eye color just because you like its look, but this can also be a time to think about choosing an eye color that carries a special meaning. For example, if one of your parents or an elderly sibling has recently passed away, you might want to choose a pendant that has the same color of eye as this departed loved one. This may give you the feeling that your loved one is watching over you and protecting you.


Hamsa pendants are available in several different materials and colors. You'll want to choose a color that not only appeals to you, but that also suits the type of clothing you wear and complements other pieces of jewelry that you often have on. You'll see hamsa pendants with gold and silver material, as well as copper hues. Some are even black, which can give a different look than many typical pendants. Shop for a hamsa pendant at your local fine jewelry store.