The Best Ways To Find Quality Earrings At A Great Price

Earrings can add pizazz to any outfit as well as highlighting your face. There are earrings for every occasion and in every price range. Having an earring wardrobe with jewelry to compliment any outfit is important. Equally important is buying earrings that are made of quality materials so your earlobes will not become irritated. Acquiring earrings made of semi-precious and precious metals will lead to less irritation of your skin and also will look classier. There are a few different ways to find earrings at a steep discount that are not cheap nor gaudy, nor will they leave green marks on your skin.

Holiday Sales

Retailers really roll back their prices for any holiday where jewelry is a popular gift. Typically Christmas and Valentine's Day sales feature the largest discounts on quality jewelry. While Valentine's Day sales will deliver savings, Black Friday may be your best bet for finding deeply discounted earring styles that are made of nice material. Retailers may not mark down their more unique pieces during the Black Friday shopping bonanza, but classic silver and gold hoops, diamond studs, and semi-precious jewel studs will be easy to find for much less than the rest of the year.

Unclaimed Baggage 

There is one retail outlet in the United States that receives all of the unclaimed airline baggage for the country. The goods are sorted into a giant flea market or mall of sorts where you can find just about anything under the sun, including high-quality earrings that people left in their suitcases. Diamond earrings, tennis, beautiful chandelier earrings, and delicate studs are just some of the jewelry you can find at unbelievable prices. The store is located in Alabama but definitely worth a stop if you are traveling near that area.

Trunk Sales and Street Fairs

If you are interested in finding great local handmade jewelry, trunk shows and street fair booths will allow you to meet local artisan jewelers and connect with their work. If you find a piece that you love, the price will often be lower than a retail store because you are buying directly from the artist. 

Trunk shows typically feature the jewelry maker for one day inside a retail shop. The store will take a percentage of the sales, but there is still often a discount because the artist is looking to build a fan base and drive people to their website for future orders.

For more information on discount jewelry earrings, contact your local jewelry shop.