Wedding Band Selection Basics: What You Need To Know

Getting married is an exciting adventure. When it comes down to the details, there are a lot of things that you will need to consider. One of those choices is the wedding ring that you will wear. Since your wedding ring will be something you wear every day of your life, it should be something you are happy with. Here are a few qualities to consider.

Color And Metal

The first choice you need to make is what color you want your ring to be. That color choice will help you narrow down the types of metal you have to pick from. For example, if you want a grey band, you'll want to look at titanium, while you can get white rings made from platinum or white gold. The traditional yellow wedding bands are made from yellow gold, and you can get silver rings from white gold or sterling silver.


The shape of the ring you choose is another important consideration. If you want a traditional, flat band, look for a classic wedding band. As an alternative, you can choose a more rounded band style, such as a comfort fit, which features more rounded edges and a curve on the inside of the band to protect your finger from damage.


In addition to considering the actual size of your ring, another size factor to think about is the width of the band. Men's rings especially come in a variety of widths, and it will be difficult to know which width fits the size of your hand best until you try a few different widths on your hand.

Keep in mind that wider rings are typically more expensive. Rings are priced based on the weight of the metal, and the wider the ring, the more metal is involved. Don't assume that you need a wider ring just because you have larger hands. You may actually be able to wear a thinner band than you might think.

The more you understand about choosing the right wedding band, the easier it is for you to get the one that is the best fit for your needs. Talk with a local wedding band retailer or jeweler in your area, such as Andrew Kramar, for more information as soon as possible. They can help you look at different choices to find the ring that truly speaks to you and represents your upcoming forever commitment.