3 Things To Consider Before Repairing Your Jewelry

When it comes to jewelry, even the best made pieces can break. Accidentally tugging on a necklace can lead to a broken chain, clasps can become loose with time, and every day wear can have an impact on a piece. After breaking a piece of jewelry, the is no need to discard it. Many jewelers offer jewelry repair services that can get your piece of jewelry back into its original condition or even better. Read More 

3 Tips For Successfully Having Your Jewelry Repaired

If your favorite piece of jewelry is damaged in some way, such as if you have a broken bracelet or if a stone is missing from your favorite ring, then you could be in a panic. Luckily, there are jewelry repair professionals out there who can help you get your piece looking like new again in no time. These are a few tips that can help you successfully have your jewelry repaired. Read More 

Want A Unique Engagement Ring? 5 Gemstones Other Than Diamonds

It used to be that nothing short of a diamond would do for a woman's engagement and wedding ring, and while a diamond may still be a girl's best friend, other gemstones are rising in popularity. Jewelry has always been a way for a woman to express herself and her personality, so why should bridal sets be any different? Here is a look at five different gemstones other than diamonds to consider for your rings. Read More 

How Do Colored Diamonds Get Their Hue?

There's no doubt that diamonds boast incredible sparkle, shine, and beauty -- but colored diamonds have something extra even beyond that. You've probably seen blue, yellow, or other colors of diamonds and noticed how lovely they are, and you may have then wondered how those diamonds came to be. Are they a product of nature of a product of the laboratory? The answers are below.  Nature Versus the Laboratory: Where Do Colored Diamonds Grow? Read More 

The Best Ways To Find Quality Earrings At A Great Price

Earrings can add pizazz to any outfit as well as highlighting your face. There are earrings for every occasion and in every price range. Having an earring wardrobe with jewelry to compliment any outfit is important. Equally important is buying earrings that are made of quality materials so your earlobes will not become irritated. Acquiring earrings made of semi-precious and precious metals will lead to less irritation of your skin and also will look classier. Read More