Understanding More About The Jewelry Of Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt was an intriguing time in history, and many people today are still fascinated by everything Egyptian. From pyramids and pharaohs, to fashion and jewelry, there is so much to explore about ancient Egyptian culture. In this day and age authentic ancient Egyptian jewelry is almost impossible to come by, but there are many companies that produce extremely high quality replicas of ancient Egyptian jewelry. Whether you have been interested in ancient Egypt for many years or have just begun learning about this amazing period of history, you may want to own some Egyptian jewelry of your own. Some of the most common types of Egyptian jewelry include:


Necklaces were extremely popular in ancient Egypt and there are many replica necklaces still made today. A lot of Egyptian necklaces were adorned with clay, stone, or beads, while the very affluent Egyptian women could afford necklaces that were made with precious stones. It was also common for Egyptian necklaces to have pendants that reflected important symbols in ancient Egyptian culture. For example, many women would wear ankh necklaces. The ankh is a symbol that is somewhat similar to a modern day cross, and in ancient Egyptian times the symbol represented life. If you're interested in replica Egyptian jewelry, many jewelers still make beautiful ankh necklaces. 


In ancient Egyptian times, wearing bracelets was very common. In the majority of cases, Egyptian bracelets were wide cuffs either worn around the wrists or the upper arm. Egyptian bracelets were typically made of gold, while some were made of copper. These types of bracelets were designed to catch the eye-- they were usually very ornate and had colorful stones and engravings covering the gold. If you're looking for a piece of jewelry that will make a big statement, buying a replica Egyptian bracelet is a great choice.

Neck Collar

Most people have seen pictures of Egyptian statues or hieroglyphics that depict people wearing wide neck collars. These neck collars were almost made of gold, and the wealthiest Egyptians would were incredibly ornate neck collars embellished with precious stones. The most ornate neck collars were worn during special ceremonies and other types of important events. You may not be able to find many exact replicas of an ancient Egyptian neck collar, but many jewelers have used the look of an Egyptian neck collar as inspiration in their designs, so it is possible to find a gorgeous piece of jewelry that is inspired by Egypt.